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Prosthodontic Services

Marshall Dental works with Dr. Charles A. Parker and the Marshall Denture Clinic to provide prosthodontic services. Prosthodontists specialize in restoring mouth function with biocompatible substitutes--the most common being dentures. The clinical staff is trained to deal with both simple and complicated restorations of the whole mouth, as well as treating facial deformities.

The team at Marshall Denture Clinic is especially skilled in denture and dental implant services, always utilizing the latest proven technologies. Whatever your tooth replacement needs are, our wide variety of modern prosthetic dentistry solutions can restore your mouth to full function and your smile to brilliant beauty.

Quality and integrity are our highest priorities, so you can rely on the entire team at Marshall Denture Clinic to provide treatment and care that will exceed your expectations.

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  • Dentures (Complete, Partial, Palateless, Precision-Attached, Snap-On, Lock-On and Soft Lined.)

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