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Dental Crowns Marshall TX

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps that slide over a biological tooth that has been damaged by injury or extensive decay. Dental crowns, which may be made of porcelain fused to metal or ceramic materials, are also used as restorations in a few other dental treatments. Here is a basic overview of dental crowns.

When are dental crowns needed?

A dental crown is typically used in cases when more conservative restorations, like bonding or dental veneers, would not be sufficient. Crowns are used for teeth with extensive damage or to cover up a misshapen tooth.

Dental crowns are also placed following a root canal to protect the tooth, which is weakened by the root canal process.

Dental bridges also require that crowns be placed on the teeth adjoining the empty space as anchors for the pontic (prosthetic tooth). Crowns can also be used to replace missing teeth when they are placed atop a dental implant.

What is involved in the dental crown treatment process?

The dental crown treatment process involves at least two appointments. At the first appointment, the dentist will examine the tooth to be sure that no preliminary treatment, such as a root canal, is needed before the crown is placed.

When ready to proceed with treatment planning, the dentist will remove enamel from the tooth to create room for the crown. The dentist will then take an impression of the tooth, which will be sent to the dental lab that will fashion the crown. Patients may get a temporary crown while they are awaiting the permanent crown.

After the crown is ready, the patient returns to the office to have it bonded to the tooth.

If you are concerned that the treatment outcome will appear noticeably artificial, the dentist should be able to show you some results from previous patients so that you can get an idea of dental crowns before and after.

Dental crowns typically involve minimal discomfort, and the immediate surroundings of the crown site will be numbed using local anesthesia. You should not be experiencing dental crown pain. If that occurs, see your dentist to determine what might be causing the problem.

How much do dental crowns cost?

Each patient’s case is evaluated to determine how much their dental crowns cost. Your insurance may cover a portion of your treatment, and our office also accepts a wide range of payment methods and offers financing options.

Patients who need to protect a weakened or damaged tooth may benefit from the placement of dental crowns. If you have a severely decayed tooth or have sustained an injury to a tooth, ask your dentist about this treatment option.

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